Commercial Pilot License

Who doesn’t have a dream of acquiring a golden wing on their chest and stripes on their shoulders? Who doesn't want to have a command on Flying Giant of Sky? Who doesn't had dreamt of touch the sky with glory ? Complete your dream with us , Expand your wings & span with us . Earn Commercial Pilot license to fly in the sky. # Fly with confidence.

What is CPL?

Commercial Pilot License or in short CPL is a type of Pilot license that permits the holder to work as a Pilot of a commercial & Civil aircrafts and get paid for his/her work. As the DGCA (Directorate General of civil Aviation) is only authority to grant Pilot license in India. Therefore, earning a Commercial Pilot License(CPL) requires you to fulfill certain criteria as set by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). 

Commercial Pilot Licensing progam in our Organization


उड़ान प्रशिक्षण संस्थान, भोपाल(.प्र.) Training curriculum for Commercial Pilot License & Commercial Helicopter Pilot license provides students with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and flying training to meet the relevant pilot license skill standards as well as the requirements of potential airline employers.


we offer fully integrated CPL training course which convert a studnet into a gentleman to become captain of a flying machine. Our CPL & CHPL training includes the following modules:

We provide 500 hours of Ground Classes & Training. The modules included are:

  • Air Regulations                               &                         Technical General
  • Meteorology                                   &                         Flight Simulators
  • Navigation                                      &                         Technical Specific
  •                 Theory and Practical’s of Radio Telephony 

Flying Training

After Completion  of theroretical portion and/or getting familiarization with Subjects students, offered to have flying training in our organization:

·             Single Engine Aircraft

                               180 hours on Cessna-172 series aircrafts, equipped with analogous and/or glass cockpit.

·            Multi-Engine

                                 20 hours on Tecnam P2006T aircraft equipped with analogous and/or glass cockpit

         Rotary Aircrafts

                 100 hours of flying on R44 Raven II helicopters equipped with analogous Instrument panel.

·            Flight Simulators

          20 hours on Flight Simulators with 120-degree field of view and real time display of terrain and airports. (10 Hours each on Single Engine and Multi-Engine Simulators) and 20 hours of Rotary Simulators for CHPL/CPL(H) candidates.



Course Overview

  Educational Qualification

Candidates who have 10 + 2 certificate with Physics and Mathematics will be eligible for Commercial Pilot License in India and can apply for this program.


Submission of Class II Medical Certificate (Indian) from a designated medical practitioner. Please note that Class I Medical would be necessary for the issue of Commercial Pilot License. Click on the link mentioned below and find the list of DGCA Approved Medical examiner in all over India. Where Medical examination of an aspirant can be completed.


·         Age

Candidates should be of 17 years on the date of joining the course and 18 years or above for the issue of Commercial Pilot License.

Course Type

·         Full Time

·         Ground Studies

·         Flying Training (Single Engine and Multi Engine)

·         Simulator

·         DGCA Examinations



18-24 months depending on the complexity of overall performance of an individual.

Semester 1 – Student Pilot License (SPL), Basic Aircraft
Knowledge + approx. upto & above 20 hours of flying.
Semester 2 – Commercial Pilot License Flying and Ground
studies (Completion of 200 hours & issue of Commercial Pilot
(License is  subjected to passing the exams conducted by DGCA)


 Expected Salary & Career Opportunities

Aviation Sector is a lucrative option not only in terms of career growth but also in terms of the salary packages offered. A Commercial Pilot License holder can expect a salary of around INR 80,00- 01.5 lakh as a co-pilot. On qualifying as a Captain the salary would be around INR 02 to 03 lakh per month.

List of DGCA approved Indian Operators where candidates holding CPL can serve as a Pilot in Command(PIC) and/or First Officer (co-pilot).

  • Domestic Airlines: Air India, Indigo, Spicjet, Air Asia, Go Air, Air Vistara, Jet konnect, Air Costa, Trujet, Air Asia India, Jet lite, Sky one Airways, Span Air Pvt. Ltd., VSR Ventures etc.
  • Regional Airlines: Air Heritage, Flybig, Star Air, Trujet, Zoom Air, Alliance Air, Ventura Air connect, Air taxi, India One Airlines, Pawan Hans limited, TAJ Air, Supreme Airlines, UT Air, etc.
  • International Cargo Carriers: DHL Aviation, FedEx Air, Spice express, Air India Cargo, DTDC, Transcom etc.
  • Domestic Cargo Carrier: Blue dart Aviation, DHL, Spice express, Quick lift Airlines, Maruti Air Services etc.
  • Flying Clubs:- MP Flying club, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy, Redbird Flight Training Academy, Bihar Flying club, Bombay flying club, Chimes Aviation Academy, Pioneer Flying Academy, Assam Flying Club, Aviator Co-Opt. Society Ltd., Academy of Carver Aviation, etc.
  • Non-Scheduled Operators (Charter and Chopper Services): Pawan Hans limited, Air one Aviation, Global Vectra, Global Konnect, Air charter services, Pinnacle Air services, Heligo charters, Ventura Air Connect, Club One Air, Deccan Charters, Jagson Airlines, VRL Air, Baron Aviation, Airmid Aviation, Alchemist Airways, AR Airways, Ashley Aviation, Chipsan Aviation, Blue ray Aviation, Fairwinds Aviation, Ferm Aviation, Forum 1 Aviation, Indo Pecific Aviation, OSS Air Management etc.

Indian paramilitary Forces: Commercial Pilot  License holders are also offered to serve as an officer in Aviation wings of BSF, ITBP and other paramilitary forces.