Private Pilot License

You may be a doctor, a businessman or a housewife with dreams of flying. We will help you to fly your own aircraft, which you bought to feel the limitless sky. which you bought to enjoy the beautiful nature form height.

What is PPL?

Private Pilot License or in short PPL is a type of pilot licence that allows the holders to fly thier own aircraft. (not for remuneration). As the DGCA is only authority to grnat Pilot license in India. Earning a Private Pilot Licence requires you to fulfill the  certain criteria as set by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).


Private Pilot License (PPL) Program, India

The Private Pilot Training course is ideally suited for aviation enthusiasts, hobby fliers or for those who have access to a personal aircraft. The Private Pilot License training curriculum builds the necessary skills and knowledge that makes the students eligible for Commercial Pilot Training. Unlike, the Commercial Pilot’s license requirement, there is no need for the 10+2 certificate for Private Pilot License training. A High School Pass Certificate is adequate for the PPL.

Single Engine & Multi engine

80+20 Hours on single and multi-engine aircrafts respectively on analogous and/or Glass Cockpit

Flight Simulator
5+5  Hours on Flight Simulators with 120 degree visual display and single & Multi engine compatibility.


उड़ान प्रशिक्षण संस्थान  provide 500 hours of Ground classes & Theoretical Training. The modules included are:

  • Air Regulations                             &                      Technical General
  • Meteorology                                 &                      Flight Simulators
  • Navigation                                    &                      Technical Specific
  • Theory and Practical’s of Radio Telephony.
  •     The CFI or a DGCA authorized examiner will conduct the Flying Tests in accordance with Indian DGCA rules and regulations.
  •     Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) conducts the written tests in accordance with the published schedule.
  •     WPC, The Department of Telecommunications of the Govt.of India conducts the Test for Radio Telephony Restricted License,                  as per published schedule.

Course Overview

·         Educational Qualification

Minimum qualification required is a 10th standard certificate


Submission of Class II Medical Certificate (Indian) from a designated medical practitioner. Click on the link mentioned below and find the list of DGCA Approved Medical examiner in all over India. Where Medical examination of an aspirant can be completed.


·         Age

The minimum required age is 16 years.

·         Course Type

o    Full Time

o    Ground Studies – 250 hours

o    Flying Training (Single Engine) – 55 hours

o    Simulator

o    DGCA Examinations


6-12 months (Approximately); can be fast tracked also.


·         semesters
Semester 1 – Student Pilot License (SPL), Basic Aircraft Knowledge + approx 15 Hrs. of flying.
Semester 2 – PPL Flying and Ground studies (Completion of 50 hours).
·         CFI conducts ‘Flying Checks’ in accordance with Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)regulations.                                                                                                  Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) conducts the written tests in accordance with the published schedule.                                                                                     
       Regional/ Sub -regional offices of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) conducts the Test for FRTOL (R).

(Licensing of indivaidual are subjected to passing the module exams conducted by DGCA.)